Trained at a young age and composing since she was 10, Chicago singer-songwriter Andrea Dawn has methodically honed her craft into a unique style that exists somewhere between 1930s jazz singers, 90s singer-songwriters, and the film scores of Danny Elfman and Jon Brion. While haunting and often orchestral, the songs remain, at their core, an examination of the human experience.

In 2012, this sound was fully realized through Andrea's debut full-length, Theories of How We Can Be Friends, released on Waterloo Sunset Records. Then in 2014 Dawn released her sophomore album, Doll, with Murmur Entertainment.

Andre Salles of described the album perfectly when he said "Doll is a difficult emotional ride – it’s tough to listen to the joy of “Lion Tamer” crumble into the despair of “Love Always” only four songs later. But it’s a brave and rewarding one, an astonishingly honest piece of work that will connect with anyone who has been through similar territory. It’s one of my favorite records of the year, quite separate from the fact that I know its author. If Theories was a slightly timid calling card, Doll is an album that can sit proudly with the best of today’s singer-songwriters. It’s the full flowering of a superb talent, and I can’t wait to hear more."

Dawn is currently enjoying more time with her husband and their two children, but she still plays in Chicago from time to time.