Don't wear that dress, babe
It doesn't look good on ya

Try to impress, babe

This guy could do somethin' for ya

Don't drop a note 

Smile through the show

and don't forget to be thankful for 

my guidance, my guidance 

Who are you, man?

Take your hands off of me

Out of my songs

Oh off of my back

You don't got me like that

Take your teeth and bite your tongue

I for one

don't want to hear the things that I lack

From your limited fame brain, Jack

Something you can take, dear

if you don't feel up for it?

Show must go on, love

Can't you just push on through it?

All I wanna do is write my little songs

and maybe someone will be touched

and they will want to sing along

I've been doing this since I was 10-years-old

and I don't need someone to tell me how it's all supposed to go

I'm reclaiming my time...